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To enhance the lifestyles of our customers by creating and providing affordable, quality cabinetry through the use of innovative and functional design.


Lanz Cabinets will become the cabinetry company of choice in the Western United States, exceeding our customers' expectations in Quality, Value and Service through the best technology and manufacturing practices in the world.

Core Values

"Our Customers"

Our customers trust Lanz Cabinets because they know our business is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and providing quality products.

  • We will handle every interaction in a responsive and professional manner while maintaining the highest degree of ethical standards.
  • We will provide products and services of the highest quality and value at a competetive price.
  • We will be known for the reliability of our products, our innovative designs and flexible product offerings.
  • As a team, we take pride and personal responsibility for meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.

"Our Team Members"               View Career Opportunities

Lanz Cabinets values our team members and recognizes them as critical to our business success.  As such:

  • We are committed to creating an atmosphere of teamwork where every member is valued, treated with respect and dignity, encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions, and recognized for his or her efforts.
  • We will provide a positive work environment where every team member can feel safe and secure in his or her job.
  • We will provide every team member the opportunity for career advancement and personal and professional development.
  • We are open and honest in our communication, providing information to team members that impacts their jobs and provides insight about company performance.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable for meeting our job expectations.  We take responsibility for our performance, decisions and actions.
  • We will create a family oriented atmosphere, helping team members realize a healthy work and life balance.

"Our Community"

As an industry leader, Lanz Cabinets is committed to improving the communities where we work and live.

  • We will be sensative to the environment (View Lanz Environmental Statement) by promoting and use of renewable resources, recyclable products and sustainable practices.
  • We will maintain our image and reputation as a provider of meaningful work to members of our community.
  • We will share our success by giving generously back to the community through a wide variety of community and non-profit organizations.


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