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Customer Service Technician Cabinet Installation

Ability to install cabinets and accessory items, decorative moldings and hardware, repair our cabinets effectively, follow instructions from blueprints, work safely and are motivated. Skills should include strong time management, professional demeanor, and accuracy, attention to detail and understand measurement, designs and blueprints. Applicants who are well rounded, artistic and experienced in the cabinet industry are preferred.

Working knowledge of basic hand tools. Customer service skills. Ability to read a tape measure. Ability to use machinery, saws and tools. Good communication skills. Ability to work in a team. Ability to comprehend and read plans. Ability to report to work on time and as schedule. Ability to follow directions. Ability to safely drive a motor vehicle. Ability to work with minimal supervision. Knowledge of dimensions for standard cabinets. Ability to present a professional appearance. 


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Lanz Cabinets

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